Ephesians 5:18

“Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.” (Ephesians 5:18).

Human beings were made to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Filled with Him they would live in love, always trusting the Father, always rejoicing in the goodness of God, ever living in the peace which comes as we abide in God.

We were not created to be independent or to define our own identity. So sin entered the world as people sought to put aside trust in God and His perfect ways, and to take up the misery and anguish of man’s empty ways. So humanity rejected the very Spirit who gives us the life we long for.

Jesus lived as the perfect man, always living by the Spirit (as we were supposed to). Through His death He made us holy again; He restored us to our creational glory. When we trust in Jesus we are made pure and so we are fit for the Holy Spirit again. The Holy Spirit can only fill those whom the cross had cleansed!

So, through Christ, we can live as we were created to live – alive by the Spirit, empowered by the Spirit, guided and led by the Spirit. There we have dynamic joy, peace, love, obedience – life in the Spirit!