Daniel 1:9

“Now God had caused the official to show favour and sympathy to Daniel” (Daniel 1:9).

What an incredible act of the power of God – He can change a person’s mind! If we have our own ‘free will’ then, ultimately, God is subject to us! He would have to wait for us to change our minds, or perhaps choose Him, and choose to do good.

But our Father breaks into people’s lives millions of times in many ways. He brings His love and grace in power to the world – which is our only hope. He is at work in people’s hearts, minds and wills. The world is dead without His revelation. He brings conviction of sin to those who don’t want or deserve it. He brings forgiveness and rebirth all to His glory.

The Holy Spirit works in the life of believers giving the will and ability to do good and to walk in His ways. Without His pre-emptive work we will only walk by the sinful nature.

We will live in peace when we know that God can change a person’s will. We can entrust ourselves to God because He is powerful over the actions of others – even non-believers. We can pray knowing God can actually answer our prayers changing hearts and minds.